Meraki Hair For Naturals

Ain't She Cute Wigs  was founded in 2015 in the British Virgin Islands by Jenise Mills. We catered to customized units/wigs and lightly hair extensions. 

On 1st May 2022 we officially rebranded and relaunched to Meraki Hair For Naturals with an aim to focus more on hair extensions that cater:

* to women who wear their natural hair,

* to women who desire a bit more volume or length when styling,

* to women who seek  versatility without replacing the naturalness of their beauty,

* to women in the work force who seek to be naturally fierce

Over the years we have noticed that there is a need for versality in the natural are circle and our aim is to fill it.

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Textures: 4C to 3A

Styles: Wigs/Units, Clip IN , Braids and Ponytails